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Elite Experiential Marketing

Elite Experiential Marketing

Acquisition and Data Capture:

Elite's roots lie in customer acquisition and data capture services, where Elite has been an industry leader for over 14 years.  The largest Financial Institutions in the world have relied on Elite to build their customer bases at on-site venues ranging from airports and college campuses to State Fairs and Stadiums throughout the nation.  From paper surveys and applications to electronic data capture, Elite has the knowledge, experience and technological savvy to develop programs for any client or environment and deliver sustainable ROI.  These roots are still at the core of Elite's business model, providing knowledge and resources that are leveraged accross the entire spectrum of our business.

Experiential Marketing:

Target, Captivate + Inspire  

Transcend the limitations of traditional marketing.  Target the consumer; captivate the senses; inspire.  When you create a unique brand experience, consumers remember; they react. 

Elite’s Experiential Marketing uses atmosphere, innovation, and interaction to distinguish your brand and inspire your consumer.

Experiential Marketing can also be referred to as experiential marketing, event marketing, live marketing or sponsorship activation.

Elite creates customized marketing programs that bring brands face-to-face with consumers.  This live marketing platform allows for Elite to shape the brand experience like no other marketing medium.

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