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Elite Event Marketing Technology

Elite Event Marketing Technology


Elite's roots lie in customer acquisition and data capture services, where we have been an industry leader for over 14 years. The largest Financial Institutions in the world have relied on Elite for data capture solutions at on-site venues ranging from airports and college campuses to State Fairs and Stadiums throughout the nation. Elite has expanded its services to offer a variety of event technology solutions to fit your objectives or compliment your marketing initiatives:

Data Capture - Elite Mobile Data Capture Solution

Elite offers a wide variety of devices, softwares and survey types to fit your campaign needs.  Elite Mobile Data Capture Solution collects real-time information from any remote location. This system dramatically improves event tracking, reporting, data-capture, and post-event communications, while significantly streamlining on-site operations.

Micro-Sites & Social Media

Custom Micro-Sites are built to reflect your brand and the campaign.  The sites provide a centralized location where the campaign lives before, during and after activation.  Additionally, a micro-site can serve as a platform for data capture, campaign photos, campaign news, contests/sweepstakes, links to social media and more. 

Elite also creates brand sites within social media outlets.  Dedicated teams will focus on building your brand through development and maintenance of these sites including blogging, photo/video uploading and friend/fan procurement. 

Photo Marketing

Photo Marketing Programs range in scale from basic camera and backdrop photo ops to the use of green screens, superimposed logos, objects and backgrounds and make your own videos. Elite compliments its photo marketing promotions with the Elite Pix Marketplace; a networking Mini-site for photo uploading and data capture.

Mobile Marketing

Elite Mobile Marketing incorporates Two-Way SMS, MMS, Mobile Coupon delivery, Mobile Ticketing, Mobile Data Capture, Mobile Campaigns, Voting, Polling, Text-to-Screen, Text Alerts, Mobile Raffles, and many more that can be quickly built and launched for you. The types of campaigns executed range from offer to contest campaigns.

Blue Tooth Marketing

Elite Blue Campaign leverages Bluetooth Technology for advertising to mobile phones, thus delivering the In-spot messages into mobile handsets. Tiny, efficient, easy to move & manage, the solution delivers digital content to the handsets FREE of charge. Elite Blue Campaign integrates a standalone network managed tool and Web Based control panel offering an effective & Measurable Advertising Channel. The solution supports Multiple Locations & Events and varied content types such as images, videos, ringtones, games, mobile websites, contests and more.

Panel – Elite’s Custom CRM

Panel provides clients and Elite with a centralized, dedicated, secured website to share campaign data. Panel will be customized to fit your campaign needs with the capabilities of sharing pictures/videos, schedules, recaps, comments and more.