OraQuick “Knowing is Sexy” Trivia Challenge


  • Develop an experiential platform that conveys the importance of HIV testing in a relatable, relevant manner
  • Create awareness for OraQuick, home testing kit with the MSM and African American demographics
  • Help overcome the stigma and foster dialogue surrounding HIV testing
  • Drive to retail/website for purchase


  • Targeted bars and clubs in 6 select markets as well as sponsorship at Pride Festivals and AIDS walks
  • Created “Knowing is Sexy” platform for activation campaign which was intended to inject conversation and appeal to HIV Testing
  • Developed the “Knowing is Sexy” trivia challenge
    • An interactive touchscreen experience through which brand messages and product information were communicated
    • Trivia incorporated fun and sexy questions along with education and information about HIV testing
  • Giveaways of branded condoms and breath mints helped deliver the campaign message
  • Leveraged social media as a promotional platform and forum for Knowing is Sexy conversation


  • 2,000,000+ impressions
  • 52,000+ touches
  • 9,000 trivia game plays
  • 2,500 unique emails captured