Cablevision Optimum Grassroots


  • Design and execute an awareness and loyalty campaign
  • Penetrate key competitive areas within footprint
  • Increase awareness, drive conversion, and foster loyalty
  • Develop promotional materials and strategies to increase awareness and sales
  • Capture consumer information through data capture devices for sales follow up


  • Identified key locations and impact times via market research
  • Developed dedicated marketing teams providing coverage at 100+ events over a nine month period
  • Created interactive experiences including photo opportunities with Disney and Nickelodeon partners
  • Captured consumer information including opportunity for cable service conversion and up sale potential


  • Provided real-time in market consumer feedback to Cablevision
  • Delivered thousands of leads to convert to orders through sales department
  • Delivered 1,000,000+ targeted connections
  • Generated buzz, loyalty and conversion to Cablevision services