EliteEXP is the experiential marketing arm of the Elite Marketing Group.

We are a dually pronged agency focused on reaching consumers and moving the needle for brands. We are a passion agency. Passion for what we do is the common thread that binds us all together, passion has helped evolve our agency over the past 18 years, and passion is what we continue to inspire in the people we reach with our work.

Backed by 18 years of entrepreneurial spirit and industry innovation we are a full service experiential marketing agency passionate about endearing brands in the hearts and minds of their target audiences. We create unique and relevant off and on line experiences that engage consumers and inspire action. Along with EliteACQ our industry leading acquisition marketing division, we have the creative chops to deliver bleeding edge concepts, the know how and experience to execute with excellence, and the tools to capture data, extend engagement, and provide measurable ROI.