Elite Marketing Group merges a highly technical background with marketing knowledge and experience

We combine existing technology with innovation to adapt to ever-changing consumer behavior.

All of Elite’s technology solutions are customized to each and every client to optimize program goals while ensuring the security of information collected.

Application Strategies & Development

  • Elite has the ability to take your business need and materialize it into an application that can be used on various platforms
  • Applications extend marketing reach while facilitating decision making among consumers
  • Applications can reinvent older business platforms
  • Elite engages in extensive industry research to keep up with the latest technologies
  • Application Platforms
    • Mobile
    • Tablet
  • Additional Technology Services
  • Micro-site development
  • Photo/Video-Ops

Electronic Data Capture

Hardware and software solutions selected and customized to reflect specific data capture needs

Key variables influencing data capture solutions are physical location, volume of data collected, demographic, climate and resources

Forms used to collect data can range from surveys to quizzes, games, apps and micro-sites

Devices and platforms can range from mobile to tablet, laptops and kiosks