EliteACQ 360° Service Offerings

Consumer Targeting & Location Sourcing

Elite’s Sourcing Group effectively locates, researches, and schedules locations that effectively reach your target audience

  • Elite houses a proprietary database of over 10,000 events, updated weekly Events/locations are segmented according to type, demographic, historic results, and client objectives
  • Elite leverages relationships with media agencies, event promoters, real estate and management companies, towns and local governments allowing us proprietary pricing and activation footprints to best insure the highest ROI for our clients
  • The types of locations sourced include Retail, Sports, College, Special Events, Trade Show, Airport, Street Marketing and Alternative Media

Acquisition Technology

Our in-house IT department is made up of experts in a variety of technology services allowing us to best service our clients tech needs.  Our team is an industry leader in providing Electronic Data Capture (EDC) solutions, in fact we helped develop and pioneer EDC services for the industry along with some of its biggest brands and organizations in the world.


  • Appropriate devices and platforms are leveraged to best suit program needs such as physical location, volume, demographic, climate and resources
  • All hardware is customized with in-house software to ensure information security and to optimize program goals


  • Fully customized interfaces to optimize consumer experience, client branding/  messaging, and program goals
  • Forms range from surveys and questionnaires to quizzes, games, applications and more


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Staffing & Training


  • Constantly growing family of 350+ national field employees to serve as core staff for all of our campaigns
  • Elite Staff is hired to match your brand: Demographics, psychographics, lifestyle, appearance and personality that is relevant to the brand, campaign, geography, and target audience
  • Every Elite hire undergoes a 3rd party background check and DMV screen (where applicable)


  • All of our staff undergo thorough training on the program, the brand and its products/messaging, their responsibilities and lastly on Elite’s way of doing business
  • Training is conducted for each and every program in-person, and/ or through video or teleconferencing
  • Training is conducted at the start of a program and is ongoing in the field
  • Comprehensive training manuals are developed and provided to all staff prior to start of every program
  • Field audits and on-site training occur throughout programs to maximize results
  • Program specific agreements are created and signed to uphold compliance for all employees


  • Elite has a dedicated compliance department to ensure we are within guidelines for financial clients
  • Continued monitoring and training of all members of Elite
  • Active and Current Certification
  • Standardized Policies and Procedures